Our Mission and Principles

Mission (Why we are here together)

Empower individuals and society, by turning clients' ideas and efforts to have a meaningful impact on people's lives.

The modern world is filled with numerous products and services. It is becoming increasingly difficult to attain happiness through everyday means and, with the fast-paced progression of IT,it is also becoming increasingly difficult to move people’s hearts and minds. In such contexts, businesses struggle to provide added-value to society and people.

We at Rakuten Insight seek to contribute to the realization of a better society by helping our clients understand values and improvements in life that consumers desire. Each and every member in Rakuten Insight strives to achieve this mission by working as collaborative team and continuous evolution.

Principles (How We Work Together)

We are one team of passionate professionals on a mission, who:

  • Take our clients one more mile toward their goal
    Support our clients in achieving their goals through high professional standard.
  • Drive innovation; thrive as a Rakuten business
    Aim to facilitate innovation for our clients by utilizing Rakuten Group assets.
  • Nurture collaborative culture to our competitive advantage
    Value teamwork spirit, and the benefits of collaboration as a competitive advantage.